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Weight Watchers

it's not a diet. it's a lifestyle.

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Activity Points
[twilight] abs that fab?
imafall3nstar wrote in _weightwatchers
I'm just a bit confused. Or I feel like the activity point I earned today is way too much. I'm in colorguard, and hopefully somebody is familiar with it. We did body movement, flag block, and weapon blocks today. It varied from low to high intensity throughout the 5 hours I was there.

According to eTools, 300 minutes of low activity earns me 13 activity points. Is that really possible?
Another question, how do you exchange activity points for food in eTools.

Also, can I say how much I love eTools?!
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Were you constantly moving during your color guard rehearsal? I know that during marching band there would be a few periods of rest. Of course, there would be times where we'd be doing chair stepping, roll stepping, parade formation, and just running through our shows we'd get a workout, but I wouldn't necessarily call it high intensity on account of the breaks we'd get (waiting inbetween sets etc). I would probably keep it at low intensity. (Sucks, but that is just what I would do!)

Yes and no. I still think that 13 points is a lot though! I eat 24 points in day! lol

It is a lot. I would cut that in half and just say you got 6 extra points from it if you are reluctant to call it low intensity. (not sure how many points low intensity would originally give you)

Well, eTools calculated 300 minutes of low intensity activity at 13 points.

I would personally cut them in half and just go along with that. :)

i agree, because i'd assume that you were not in continuous motion for a straight 300 minutes. whenever you stop motion, your heart rate returns to normal, and it's only when your heart rate is increased that you're burning enough cals to lose weight (and gain activity points).

this is all my own theory though.

I'm also in color guard - when I'd go away for weekend camps I would just try to eat healthy foods, try not to snack on junk food, etc. I'd also save most of my flex points for weekends because I have no idea how to actually calculate activity points for guard rehearsals and I figured it was more important to make sure I was eating enough so I wouldn't be starving the whole time. Sorry, that probably wasn't that helpful, but I still lost weight doing that, even if I wasn't strictly counting and calculating...

are you asking b/c you intend on eating those APs? If so, then I would NOT count 13 based on what others have said.

and there is also THIS for future reference that I posted awhile back.

etools doesn't exchange your activity points until you've used your weekly allowance of 35.

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