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Dining Hall Advice?

Hi all--

I've been on WW for about 5 weeks and I was doing extremely well.... until I went back to college. ugh.

My school has all-you-can-eat dining halls and LOTS OF BEER.  On the good side, I am able to find a lot of fresh items at the salad bar, and there are always some options that are low-calorie and filling.

The challenges... oh, where to begin...

First, we eat out a lot, and for some dishes it's challenging for me to portion out appropriately.  I'm done before I realize I should have had half of the portion and saved the rest for later.  Second, the dining hall.  Every meal has fries and ice cream, and they have a special horseradish sauce that makes the fries that much more spectacular.... And then comes the beer.  You all know how that one works.

What I'm seeing in front of me are all the ways I can regain the weight I lost and then a few pounds.  At the very least, I am letting myself make a couple of mistakes and realizing that there are better options next time.  However, I feel less in control because I can't point things out the way I used to and I can't control my meal portions as well.

So what I could use right now is some mad love, and a couple of tips on how I can stay healthy despite all of these challenges!
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