Heather (imafall3nstar) wrote in _weightwatchers,

To continue or not continue?

I'm torn. I know I should continue the program. I have my 17th week voucher for tomorrow and my 18th week for next Wednesday.
School has started back up again and some of my eating choices have been very poor. I have an odd schedule on Tuesdays that makes me eat a late dinner (like 9pm late).
I've been discouraged lately due to going up and down with my weight. I couldn't get past 15 pounds lost. Now I feel like I can't get past 20 pounds lost.
I expected to lose my 20 pounds (10%) in this amount of time.
If I continue the program, I'm going to sign up for the monthly pass which includes eTools. I'm constantly on the computer so I feel that tracking could be easier.

Like I said, I know I should continue the program. I know it works, this is my second go-around. I'm just frustrated and feel defeated.
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