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Back on the wagon....yet again

I've done this introductory post before but it's been more than a year so I'll do it again.

Name: Amy

Age: 26

Height: 5"4

SW (starting weight): 208

CW (current weight): 206.5

GW (goal weight): Between 160 and 145...I haven't decided yet.

My first time on weight watchers was when I was 17...I got down to 134 and I doubt I will ever see that number on the scale again.
I'm on the fence about actually joining or just following on my own with what I have from last year. I wouldn't really mind paying for the membership it's just there are no convenient meeting times near me. There used to be a WW close by with evening meetings but it closed. Now there is one at a local church but the meeting times are 12:15 during the week (I'm a student so that doesn't work) and one meeting at 9:15 on Saturday, getting up early on a weekend isn't really my thing, especially when I have to walk in the cold of winter.

My plan is to follow the points plan and use my Wii fit as my scale. I'll weight in front of my BF every week so I have some accountability. I like to weight on Saturday morning so I can cheat a little on Saturday, it doesn't work for everyone but I need to look forward to something at the end of a good week.

Anyway since I am not using etools or anything, and not joinging WW officially I'll be on here more often.
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