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emotional/exhausted eating?

So I'm not an emotional eater, I'm usually the emotional non-eater... But, on Friday I heard some really upsetting news about a coworker/friend. I was very emotionally distraught for days and the news drained me completely. I feel more like I ate because I was exhausted... I over ate to the point of being bloated 3 out of 4 days. I used up every point I had and them some.
I'm finally out of my funk days later... and my week starts fresh today. I maintained my
I was super excited because I started out last week doing a killer pilates workout, it totally kicked my but but I really enjoyed it. But, I only did it once, I was sore and then not up to it... I'm off to walk my 6 mile loop I like to do twice a week.
How do you people deal with emotional eating like this?
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