A girl who wears glasses (atomic_girl) wrote in _weightwatchers,
A girl who wears glasses

Week 7 results...

SW: 246
LW: 230.5
CW: 229
Goal: 150

Down to 229, for a total of 17 pounds lost. Yay! I get one less point per day, though. Boo!

My mysterious 3 pound gain last week seemed to be a fluke, as when I weighed myself the next day, those extra 3 pounds were mysteriously gone again. Stupid scale *grr*

I spent last night at work afraid that my pants were going to fall down...not that they were actually going to, but they were so loose it sure felt like it. Still, I'm hesitant to buy new clothes just yet, as I don't have a whole lot of extra cash. I'll wait until the pants really are falling off. :P
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