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Returning to Weight Watchers

 Hi everyone.

I joined Weight Watchers in May 2007.  I was 165 pounds.  By December 2007, I was 1 pound away from my goal weight.  And then I went to Paris and ate a crepe.  Which somehow escalated into me gaining all of my weight and then some over the next two and a half years.  I was frustrated and kept telling myself I'd lose the weight on my own and then go back.  Well, that didn't work.

So I sucked it up and went to Weight Watchers a week ago.  Not realizing, of course, that if I join that weekend, I'm going to have to learn to manage my eating immediately and not go insane over Rosh Hashanah.  I bought the 3 month journal, started tracking realistically and thinking about what I ate.  And I managed to lose 4 pounds. 

The last time I started, I lost 4.6 pounds, and then nothing the next week.  I'm hoping not to lose nothing this week, but if I maintain, then my body is just getting used to everything.  I'm confident in my ability to do this, and hopefully to stay on track for good this time.

So, sorry for my WW life, but just a question.  For those of you who rejoined, or even people who newly joined, how did you feel when you did it?  I'm someone who is very hard on myself and very critical of my body, but I realized that I immediately felt better about myself once I went back to the meeting and started eating better.  It wasn't just about putting better food into my body, but also the mindset that I'm helping myself. 

Anyway, I'm just interested in hearing about your stories, especially if you're been somewhat successful with WW, fell off track, and started up again.

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