sarah (dysfunctioned) wrote in _weightwatchers,

newman's own

i am not sure if this has been posted before, but i just wanted to say that Newman's own salad dressings are THE BEST. I was not in the mood for a salad at all, but when I put on this dressing I was so in love. I have had the Low fat asian dressing before and that was good, and last night I had the light cranberry walnut (amazing). I know they aren't 0 point or 1 point dressings, but a little goes a long way and they are just packed with so much flavor. I am excited to try all the other different ones now!
I also had the Newman's own margarita pizza last night and it was so good and totally killed my pizza craving (1/2 of the pizza for 9 points). not so bad with a salad!
Tags: fabulous food finds
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