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Name: Jenny
Age: 25
Height: 5'8
SW (starting weight): 178.8 (08-21-2009)
CW (current weight): 171.4 (09-11-2009)
GW (goal weight): 145 (or lower--depending on what 'feels right')
Points: 25
Anything else you wanna add: Back when I was a kid, my mom did a lot of WeightWatchers. She's actually still on it off and on. When I was in college and needed to drop some pounds, she gave me all of her old stuff. Now that I'm serious about losing again, I'm using all the old stuff to do WW on my own. :)

First time I lost a significant chunk of weight, a good friend of mine and I started the community twothingirls, where we posted all the things we ate for the day, weekly status updates, recipes, meal plans...anything to keep ourselves motivated. It worked really well for us, and now, going back to losing weight, I post there everyday (and twice on Fridays--my weigh-in day!) It's really been a great encouragement to me and good to have friends who will say 'hey, where the hell is your post for today??'

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