Sideris (sideris) wrote in _weightwatchers,

So glad I found this community

I started weight watchers August 1, 2008

Week 58 Stats:
Height:  5'7
Age: 28
Start: 215lbs
Last week: 166lbs
This week: 161
Total loss: 54lbs
Daily points: 22, soon to be on 21

I truly am happy that this place exists - since I quit paying for ww last year I found trying to find people going through the same track as me very difficult.  Now I get to be inspired all over again by reading your posts.

Question - End weight.  I guess this is different for everyone, but when do you stop actively trying to lose weight and try to plateau?  I'm still trying to lose weight and I did plateau over the year that I've been on ww, but for the most part I've been keeping healthy, exercising and mostly staying within my points.

Does anyone have any tricks or tips they'd like to share?  Thanks!
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