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3rd time the charm?

Well, I just joined WW for the 3rd time. I had success the first time, but unjoined due to financial reasons, the 2nd time my heart just wasn't in it. But this time I feel like I will be successful. I have a new outlook, live in a new state, will attend different meetings and etools has changed! It just all feels refreshing this time. I have been tracking the past 3 days but haven't attended a meeting to weigh in because I sorta live in the country and there hasn't been any meetings to fit my schedule but tomorrow after work I'm going!
I love this community and have been following it for years since the first time I joined.
I do have a question though. I have never attended a meeting in a temple/church and the ones near me are in those locations. Can I expect my meeting to be made up of people who attend the temple/church? Or will it be people like me, who are just there for weight loss? I am afraid of walking into the temple meeting and feeling completely out of place. That will discourage me from wanting to do WW if I have to drive 30 miles out of my way to go to a meeting that isn't in a church, ya know?
Hope everyone had a great weekend! :)
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