Sarah (spam_and_eggs05) wrote in _weightwatchers,

I did it!

After a few weeks of falling off the wagon, I kicked myself in the butt and tracked all last week. Had my weigh-in today and lost 2.2 lbs, bringing me back down to my goal weight. But the best part is...

I'm now a lifetime member!!

So I don't really have any good "fat" pics, mostly because I deleted them all. But here are some where you can kind of see my progress. Altogether, I lost 20 lbs...started at 148, down to 128.

March '07, after I got my tattoo of my cat. I was probably 140 at this point. P.S I know most people don't get tattoos of their cats, but my kitty was that special to me :)

May '07, again around 140. Making a funny face in this pic

August '08, right before I went on WW. I was almost 150. My mom is with me, btw...she's doing the program too and has lost over 25 lbs!

Now! I bought this new bathing suit last month :) I was actually 126 in this pic, 2 lbs below goal

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