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Working out - Busy Time

Alright, I have my “busy” schedule starting next week and I’d love some advice on when (and possibly what) exercise to do in my “off” time.

Here is my schedule as of now:
Monday – work until 5/6ish

Tuesday – work until 4, dance (teach ballet, take aerobics(1hr), poi (.5hr), hula (.75hr), Tahitian (.75hr)), get home around 10

Wednesday – work until 4, dance (take ballet (1hr), modern (1hr), company rehearsal (2hr), get home around 10

Thursday – work until 5/6ish (spend time with Matt – has night off)

Friday – work until 5/6ish (spend time with Matt – has night off)

Saturday – at studio 9am-4 (take aerobics(1hr), jazz(1hr), Polynesian company rehearsal(2hr); help teach – modern(1hr), tap/jazz(.75hr)

Sunday – NOTHING!

So, as you can see, I’m pretty much moving constantly on Tuesday and Wednesday nights and then again on Saturday (there are more breaks on Saturday for me though… Tue/Wed is pretty much straight through from 5-9). Dance isn't always aerobic, there's a lot of stop and go (The aerobics class is usually 30-40 minutes aerobics (with some weights incorporated) and then 20-30 minutes strength training/abs/stretching).

I’d love to get some additional cardio in there as well as some yoga and/or pilates. Just not sure when the best time for those would be. I’m thinking some yoga/pilates would be good Saturday night or Sunday morning to help work out any kinks from dancing on Saturday… And I think I’d definitely like to take Thursday off completely.

Any suggestions?
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