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*worth it?*

Hi, my name is Ruby and I had a few questions.

I haven't joined Weight Watchers yet, but a friend gave my household all of their WW information and booklets. So I started counting points today, but no meetings. I have been a WW member twice in my life, when I was a kid with my mom, so I don't remember too much really. I'm nervous about joining because of the scales. No, I don't really care (so much) if people see what I weigh, but my last weigh in was 417 and I want to know if their scales will weigh me or if I should expect to not be able to weigh in. Does anyone here know anyone that has lost over 200lbs with WW?

In any case I'm hoping to join in the next month or so (maybe the next week actually). I'm not looking for super fast or miracle cure, just something that works.

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