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Weight Watchers

it's not a diet. it's a lifestyle.

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WW friendly (or at least, not horrible) punch?
hrldndva wrote in _weightwatchers

Hi, all!  I've got a special occasion this weekend and I'm responsible for bringing a punch.  Ideally, this crowd likes a non-alcoholic offering that can be spiked with champagne or something if individuals choose to add to their own cup.  We also have a number of calorie-aware folks, and since I'm trying to stay OP, I'd like to make something I can have some of, too- any ideas?



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I'm thinking that crystal light - cherry pomegranate? or raspberry? and some diet sierra mist could be yummy. Maybe some floating fruit in there?

Maybe some low sugar juice of some type mixed with diet sprite?

Diet Art Club Punch...

I'll tell the story after the recipe

1 container FF sherbet (lime or orange)
1 2 liter bottle of diet canada dry gingerale
1 2 liter bottle of diet sprite or 7up
1 bottle of grape or cran/grape juice

Put the sherbet in the bottom of the punch bowl. Pour half of the liquids over it (start with juice or else it will bubble over the sides of the bowl. As the bowl gets empty, refill it with remaining liquid.

If its a big gathering, quantities can be doubled or more!

I call this the diet art club punch because when i was in art club in high schoool we made this punch for EVERY show or other function we had. I've altered it to fit WW. One standard punch cup of it made like this is 1 - 2 pts, depending on the juice and sherbet used.

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