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Core lunches

 New user, quick bio:

Lost 30 pounds with ww a year and a half ago. Became a lifetime member, moved to a new city, and stopped going to meetings. Maintained weight for over a year (woot woot!). Various stresses have occured in my life over the last 3-4 months and I've gained about 10 pounds. A little frustrating, but that's life. 

Anyway, before that 10 turns into 30, I need to get back on track! I'm doing core, which I'm not sure even exists as a plan anymore (weight watchers always seems to be updating/modifying their plans), but that's what I lost weight with before, so I figure I'd just start it back up.

The problem: I can't remember what I ate! Breakfast is simple and I have a ww cookbook for dinner recipes, but I really can't remember what I used to eat for lunch on core. So, ideas? 

I'm willing to spend a couple of flex points on lunch (2-3) per day because I am very active and earn quite a few activity points, but ideally the meal would be fully core. It needs to be something I can bring to work with me, or I can buy at a chain-type restaurant (subway, etc.). 

I'm sure you all get this question a lot, so I apologize if this sounds repetative. A link to a similar past question would do just fine! 


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