Sarah (spam_and_eggs05) wrote in _weightwatchers,

getting back on track

So I had my weekly weigh-in Friday after 5 weeks of being on maintenance and it was just not pretty. I gained a little over 2 pounds after gaining a pound the week before and am now more than 3 pounds over my goal weight. I honestly hit a bit of a wall when I started maintenance, and by that, I mean I didn't even try maintaining. I just got lazy I guess. I wasn't tracking, wasn't really watching it at all.

Well, old habits creeped back in and I found myself eating fries, donuts, ordering mayo on sandwiches, all that crap. My weight went up and down a bit the first few weeks, but my steady gains over the last two kinda gave me a wake-up call and I realized I HAVE TO TRACK EVEN IF I HATE IT lol. So I finally got back on course yesterday and started doing it again. I really want to succeed at this and I can't afford to gain back the 20lbs I've worked so hard to lose!
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