sister_sunshine (sister_sunshine) wrote in _weightwatchers,

Reevaluating goals.

So. I am 3 pounds from my goal. Yay right?! I've lost a little over 70 lbs total, the last 35 on weight watchers. But...

I'm still chunky!!! and I've moved within the last 2 weeks to the ocean, so I'm on the beach all the time. (bathing suits. naked thighs.) I'm thinner, obviously, but being fat has changed my body in other ways too, that I didn't anticipate. I thought FINALLY losing the weight was going to be the fix. There are some things about my body now that weight loss won't fix, some things that may not be fixable at all.

So I've got to start exercising. And dang it, I have to lose 13 more pounds. Ten more than I thought I had to. Not so bad I guess. It's just that the finish line seems to be creeping away from me the closer I get.
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