Confused (cowhockey) wrote in _weightwatchers,

I'm doing WW online.  After loosing about 4 pounds in the first two weeks, I plateaued and pretty much stayed the same for about a month.  I didn't freak out because my life is stressful looking for a job and taking classes and I might've forgotten some of the food I ate.  This past week I was back like I was the first two weeks and I lost 3.3 pounds.  I know this is more than I should loose in a week, but considering I didn't loose for about a month, I think it rounds out.  It told me to recalculate my points, so I did expecting it to go down 1 point or so.  However, it went from 30 to 27.  This seems like a big jump for me for about 7 pounds total loss.  Is this a normal points adjustment?
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