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Special K Crackers & Fiber Plus Bars

Special K Crackers

If you haven't tried the new Special K crackers, I think you'll love them!

They come in a regular box or in 90 calorie packages. Let's just say it's very dangerous to buy the box. These are goooood. The regular kind taste like wheat thins, and the tomato & herb have a strong flavor, but I think they're delish! I feel like they have kind of a cookie/cracker consistency rather than just a plain cracker! Anyone else had these? They are 2 points for the little bag and I actually find these are filling!

Fiber Plus Bars
I love my Fiber One bars, but someone convinced me to try the Fiber Plus bars. I picked up the Dark Chocolate Almond and it's pretty darn good too. These are also 2 pts. Slightly smaller than the Fiber One bars. But if you don't like Fiber One bars, this is worth a try.

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