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Hey all, I've come to you tonight basically looking for some inspiration, tips, guidance...whatever. After reaching goal a few weeks ago and entering my maintanance phase, I completely fell off the WW wagon last night and today. Last night involved calamari, beer, half a pizza, and ice cream, and today involved major overeating at a family bbq. I'm so upset with's like every good habit I've developed went out the window. I came home after the bbq today and told myself that at least if I wrote down everything from the past 2 days I would feel better and accountable for it. Well, I did and I didn't even get through half of last night's dinner before I realized I have no weeklies left, so then I felt even worse. I have a vacation coming up in a few days (going to San Diego for a week) and I'm so worried I'm going to pig out and have no control. My friends and I are real good at buying those throw-away foam coolers and filling it with healthy stuff to make sandwiches, etc for our trips to theme parks and such, but obviously, fast food and other goodies will be part of the mix as well. Help! I don't wanna ruin all my progress.
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