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Hey everyone!! I am very excited to report that I officially dropped another pound this week!!! This is amazing because not only did I eat my 35 Flex points, but I also ate nearly 40 of my APs (I went to a concert AND a wedding in the past week). I exercised a LOT to prepare for these events.

The best news is that I've said goodbye to the 180's and hello to the 170's!!!  My official weigh-in is 179.8. I'll take it! I'm only 1.8 lbs away from the lowest weight I've ever known in my adult life.  This is very exciting and a little scary! From here on out, I'm not sure what my body will look like and feel like.  This is a real motivation for me.  It's like I'm exploring and I can't wait to find out what's at the end of my journey!

I'm 24.8 pounds away from a 'healthy weight' and 39.8 from my ultimate goal....but who knows..that could change. I wonder if I'll be TOO skinny at 140 lbs.  Only time will tell!

All I can say is...I'm going to keep running!! I'm training for an 10K in Va Beach on Halloween and an 8K in Richmond November 14th.  I keep improving every day!  I'm also pretty excited to show up at my college's homecoming this fall and see people's reactions when they see I'm 35 lbs lighter than the last time they saw me! hahaha

The first pic is at my friends wedding in late July of 2008 (I'm in the black & white dress) and the second is from this past weekend! (in the dark pink dress on the right)

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