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e-tools question

I use e-tools to track my points, and I have a question...

When I first started WW, 17 lbs ago, I was eating 34 points a day.  I know that for every 10 lbs lost you go down a point, but e-tools has not shown this.  I have lost 17 lbs and e-tools still has me as eating 34 points a day.  What gives?  I expected that once I got into the 260s I would go down to 33 points, and now I am very close to the 250s but I am still at 34 points per day.
I haven't been losing (and have actually been gaining) lately despite being on plan - is this the reason why?  Should I really be eating 33 or 32 points instead?
This week I tried eating 33 points per day - weigh-in is tonight so I guess I'll see how that worked out for me.

ETA: Figured it out!  I found a place on the website where I could adjust my points target.  For future reference, though... does e-tools usually adjust points for you automatically or do you always have to go in and adjust it yourself?
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