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Weight Watchers

it's not a diet. it's a lifestyle.

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Online weigh in
triplextine wrote in _weightwatchers
Hi all!

I'm thinking of switching to the online program but wanted to ask your opinions including pros and cons. My biggest reason for switching is that I hate the meetings and never stay. What's the monetary difference?

Oh and I also find the site not user-friendly which is a con!


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Personally, I like the online program. I agree, the site isn't very predictive and user-friendly, though. I have no interest in attending meetings right now and I don't have time, so doing it online works well for me. I do have a large support network, though, so I don't feel like I am missing anything from the meetings.

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I don't like either option as well. not sure what to do about it right now.

Personally, we prefer online to meetings. We'd never go to the meetings either. Hubby & I are doing WW together, so we each have a built in support system.

I don't remember how much the initial sign up fee is ($25-ish maybe?) but we each pay $16.95 per month for the online program.

you should be able to get one week (at least) for free when you do sign up so that could give you the option of testing out everything etools has to offer and ask the questions you might have from tech support.

I personally couldn't do online without some sort of support system. I attended (still do) meetings with my mom. I LOVE the meetings b/c there is so much support and wonderful ideas there. This community is an alternative but not one I'd rely heavily on. And I think most of us will agree, we visit this community b/c the WW forums tend to be rather catty and sometimes just down right mean.

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