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Weight Watchers

it's not a diet. it's a lifestyle.

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SV! and a couple of questions...
Got insulin?
krysta_ttc wrote in _weightwatchers
I made my 5% goal last night... Actually, I passed it by quite a bit!  I had a great week overall, losing 3.6 lbs!

When I entered my new weight into the weight tracker on the website, it said that I am losing weight too quickly and that I should take measures to try and not lose so much so fast because it's unhealthy.  Has anyone else gotten this message?  I've been on WW for 9 weeks now and have lost an average of 1.9 lbs every week (17.4 lbs total)... I thought it was normal/expected to lose about 2 lbs per week?  I thought I remembered reading that when I first started...

Another question... When did you first start seeing results?  I figured that losing 17 and a half pounds would at least bring me somewhere close to being down a pants size, but I'm not even close.  I'm fitting comfortably into size 20s right now and not even coming close to buttoning 18s.. but I was fitting comfortably into size 20s before I lost 17 pounds, too.  What gives?

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Congrats on making your 5% that is awesome. Great work - now you get to aim for 10% Yahoo!

How tall are you?

I went from a "comfy" size 20 to a "comfy" size 18 to a size 16 fitting well all within 28 lbs. That being said I'm really working on building muscle and my body weight isn't really a great reality of how I'm getting healthy. I'm losing inches all over but one month didn't even lose 5 lbs. I'm 5'8.5 so I'm tall, which does make a difference.

It isnt' always about the lbs :) Oh, and the WW tracker will say that to me every once in awhile. Sometimes I lose more weight one week and then next week nothing. As long as you're staying healthy just focus on that.


I'm 5'7"... I don't know if that's considered tall. Probably not.
I did just try on a pair of 20s that used to not fit me (I guess the cut is just weird), and THEY FIT! Yay!

I've lost 27 lbs and still haven't changed my pant size. Yeah they're fitting better and some are even baggy but I tried on the next size down and I can't button them. My gut is in the way.. LOL. I weigh around 220 now and even when I was 200 I STILL wore an 18.


I used to wear 18s about 3 years ago when I weighed 240, so maybe I have to wait until I get there to fit into my old 18s. :( That's about 20 lbs away...

I lose an average of 1.5 lbs. a week. That's a good bit. One week I'll lose 2lbs.. then one week I'll lose .6 lbs. It's really weird. I have found(and just like the Biggest Loser) while your body is shedding the excess inches and weight it usually occurs in people who have over 200 lbs. When I once weighed 199 lbs. I started a diet back then, and lost an average of 2 lbs. a week until my body finally slowed down and started losing slowly. So at some point I would suspect you to hit a point where it slows just a tad, but.. as long as health wise you feel okay and nothing seems wrong, I think your okay.

I think you would be the judge of how well your doing at that rate, and if you do notice anything, just make sure to keep an eye on yourself.

What I meant was it usually happens in people who are more overweight from what their ideal range is or what they once were. They tend to shed weight really fast at first.

I assumed that the reason I'm losing so much so quickly is because I have a lot to lose. :) When I started, I was 114 lbs over the highest healthy weight for my height.

Health wise I'm iffy... I'm working on getting health insurance so I can see a doctor, though. I'm not sure if the problems I'm having have anything to do with my weight loss or not.

I think your fine. It's just a standard regulation that 2 lb.s or more is an unhealthy weight loss to aim for, but not necessarily everyone's body is the same like the person below states. It's just whatever's right for you :) Congrats on your 5% goal. I hit mine last week. Yay us.

if you lose more than 2 pounds 2 weeks in a row, they will give you that message. i say dont worry about it. they just want you to know that you wont always lose that much so dont expect it...i think its silly - it basically means someone has probably tried to sue them over not losing that fast all the time. :(

i actually didnt physically see the changes until i had lost around 35 pounds. i KNEW the inches were coming off because I was cutting holes in my belt to make it fit (its my one "fat" item I am keeping)...but standing nude in front of the mirror i didnt notice until about 6-7 months in.

ahhh... I don't want to wait 6-7 months to see a difference in my body. :(

It's frustrating because I'm thinking 'okay, I lost seventeen pounds... FROM WHERE?' I look and feel the same as I did 17 lbs ago. It's like it was some magical 17 lbs of fat that was hiding in a hollow leg or something. Ugh.

i have a really really bad self-image, which is why i think it took so long for my brain to say "oh HAI - you are smaller!" even though my clothes were smaller.

you might want to look into taking your measurements...seeing the smaller numbers there might help trick your mind into seeing the changes that you KNOW are there, but you just cant SEE them (stupid mind games! bah!)

The 2 lbs/week rule isn't about a normal rate of loss -- there is no such thing. Rather, it's about safety.

If you're *consistently* losing significantly more than 2 lbs a week, that's considered an unhealthy rate of loss. (Unhealthy = can lead to problems with numerous body systems, including heart, liver, kidneys, etc.) The tracker is a pretty unsophisticated tool, though, so it's programmed so anything greater than 2 lbs gets that message -- even if it's more than a week since your last WI, or if the loss is only 2.2 lbs.

As for seeing a difference, that can vary a lot person to person, and depending on your body shape. For example, you may be losing fat on top in a way that makes you more shaped up there, even though your distribution of belly and hip fat and skin make you seem to be losing more slowly there. That's why WW encourages you to take body measurements at various locations. :)

You could be losing weight in other areas of your body before your stomach. I know my stomach loves to hold on to that weight! ;)

p.s. 2lbs a week average is normal if you're starting at a higher weight. I started WW at 256.4 and my average loss for a long time was like 2.4. Once I got down towards goal though it was def not 2 a week. Lol

I think you might be right. I think for some reason I am losing it in my thighs first (which I guess is not a bad thing, but I would love to lose it in my stomach instead!)

I get that message alot. I am a big girl so loosing 3-4 lbs in a week isn't a bad think (atleast I don't think)I think as long as you are eating all your points I don't worry about it. Keep Up the good work!

I second a lot of what has been said. When I started I weighed 273 lbs. I followed the plan religiously, ate all my points, and often lost 3-4 lbs. a week. Enjoy it-- it tapers off. :)

The good news: I have found that, smaller sizes tend to be more closely spaced than plus sizes. Five to ten pounds can be a jean size, which is pretty exciting.

Good luck to all as you continue on your journeys!

I hope this doesn't make me sound like a jerk- it's not my intention.

If you've had those pants for a while, chances are they're broken in and a little stretched out, and a new pair the next size down wouldn't be.

Again, I hope I don't sound like a jerk. I only know because it's happened to me.

I bought a pair of jeans the day I started WW last year. They are so stretched out and sloppy that I finally had to retire them. But I'm saving them so I can try them on when I make goal to see how far I've come.

That's a good idea! I'm gonna save my "fat pants" so I can do what all the people in those weight loss commercials do and pull the out to show myself how much I lost :)

I got that message last week, I lost 3 plus pounds. But, I was sick over the weekend. I usually average about a 1.4 pounds a week.

As for the pant size... I've lost 30 pounds on WW and only gone down 1 pant size. From a 14 to a 12. I've lost more weight on my upper body than on my lower body, that is just the way my body has always been. I started out a fuller 38C and now I can wear a 36B.

Congrats on the 5%!

For my first 25 pounds, I didn't go down any clothes sizes, then I lost 5 more and it was like SUDDENLY all my clothes were too big for me. When I went shopping I had gone down 2 pants sizes. It was like my body just suddenly caught up with my weight.

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