Krysta (krysta_ttc) wrote in _weightwatchers,

SV! and a couple of questions...

I made my 5% goal last night... Actually, I passed it by quite a bit!  I had a great week overall, losing 3.6 lbs!

When I entered my new weight into the weight tracker on the website, it said that I am losing weight too quickly and that I should take measures to try and not lose so much so fast because it's unhealthy.  Has anyone else gotten this message?  I've been on WW for 9 weeks now and have lost an average of 1.9 lbs every week (17.4 lbs total)... I thought it was normal/expected to lose about 2 lbs per week?  I thought I remembered reading that when I first started...

Another question... When did you first start seeing results?  I figured that losing 17 and a half pounds would at least bring me somewhere close to being down a pants size, but I'm not even close.  I'm fitting comfortably into size 20s right now and not even coming close to buttoning 18s.. but I was fitting comfortably into size 20s before I lost 17 pounds, too.  What gives?
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