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Weight Watchers

it's not a diet. it's a lifestyle.

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eTools question
sequoianne wrote in _weightwatchers
 I can't figure out how to change my goal weight on etools.   it still reads my 5% goal weight which I reached already.  I need that "goal weight line" to keep pushing ahead!   


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so ironic... I just did this yesterday! changed my goal weight. :-p

Click on your name... or get to your (My Profile) profile however you know. Under My Plan - Weight Tracking details. There it is! :-)

I started off with a goal of 5% but now that I've reached that it says "Because you have entered the Maintenance Plan, you are no longer able to adjust your weight goal."


Yes that's exactly my problem too!

i finally figured it out!

go into your Weight Tracker. click on the arrow to the right of where it says "Total weight loss:" on the top right of your screen. click on the pencil next to goal weight to change the number.

Score! Thank you!! I already feel more motivated! ;)

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