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etool measurements

Hi *waves*

I have a question about etools. I looked through the tags and didn't see this answered, but point me in the correct direction if I'm wrong.

I've been on WW for over a year and just recently noticed that I can add my measurements in etools. I've been keeping track on a spreadsheet, but I'd like to add it to my weight tracker. I've gone through and added all the measurements from this year, but it won't let me reach any measurements before January 2009. Is it possible to add them for a year ago or have I waited too long? I don't need to add all of them, but I'd like to put in my starting measurements, so I have accurate changes every month.

Can anyone help me out?

Edit - I figured it out. When I clicked on the starting week, it didn't highlight green until I double clicked it. :D
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