I wanna dip my balls in it (beatlemaniac11) wrote in _weightwatchers,
I wanna dip my balls in it

Do you guys count 0 food as something other than 0? 
I know it sounds like a silly question, but here's my situation. 

I recently bought a Fiberful bar from Trader Joe's. The nutritional information is 60 calories, 0 fat, 6 fiber.
put it in the calculator and it comes up to 0.

Now one of these a day probably doesn't make a huge difference, but yesterday I had 2.
I ate one in the morning as a snack and one in the afternoon as a snack.
individually they are 0 points.
but if you add all that up, the 2 bars come to 2 points.
I know 0 points doesn't really equal 0, but would it have been better to count that 0 as 1, even though technically it's 0 points? 

Also, anyone tried sunbutter? or almond butter?  I've never had either, but opted to buy sunbetter. Haven't tried it yet. Any reviews of either of them? 

Tags: fabulous food finds, ww basics questions
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