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Your grocery list

I've seen numerous posts about "I'm heading to the grocery store. what should I buy? what do YOU buy?"

I think a lot of us congregate to this community b/c we aren't big fans of the forums. There are still plenty of amazing things that the rest of the site offers though. For instance, I found a great list of groceries to get you started. I know there's some new people here. :-)

Your Starter Shopping List

Fridge Staples

* reduced-fat or fat-free hard cheese, such as parmesan
* grated cheese
* cream cheese
* cottage cheese

* mustard
* ketchup
* light or nonfat butter
* light or nonfat margarine
* low-fat salad dressing
* low-fat sour cream
* light mayonnaise

Cooking Essentials:
* bottled minced garlic
* fresh lemons and limes to squeeze for juice

Diet Beverages:
* flavored waters and seltzers
* soda
* light juice cocktails
* sugar-free lemonade mixes

* hummus
* black bean dip
* fat-free or low-fat sour cream-based dips

Eggs/Liquid Egg Substitute

Fresh Fruit:
* whole items such as apples and plums
* cut-up melons and mixed fresh fruit salad

Fresh Vegetables:
* whole items for slicing and dicing
* bagged salad mixes
* Cut-up vegetables for dips

Hot Dogs and Bacon:
* Canadian-style bacon
* light turkey or pastrami bacon
* reduced-fat or fat-free hot dogs

Luncheon Meats:
* deli-sliced turkey breast
* lean ham
* roast beef

Meat, Fish and Poultry:
* lean beef
* skinless fish
* lean ground chicken
* turkey breast

Meat Alternatives:
* soy dogs
* tofu
* tempeh
* seitan

* skim
* 1%
* buttermilk

* tortillas
* wonton wrappers
* fresh pastas

Yogurts/Smoothies (low-fat or fat-free varieties)

Freezer Staples

Breakfast Items:
* whole-grain waffles
* pre-made pancakes

Frozen Desserts:
* light and fat-free ice creams, muffins and cakes

Frozen Entrees (light breakfasts, lunches, dinners and side dishes)

Frozen Fruit (for baking and making smoothies)

Frozen Starches (low-fat/low-calorie potatoes and squashes)

Frozen Vegetables (whole, cut-up and sliced for soups, stir-fries and other entrees)

Meal kits (Asian stir-fries that include already-cut veggies and light sauces)

Meat Substitutes:
* veggie burgers
* soy products

Meat, Fish and Poultry:
* lean beef
* skinless fish
* lean ground chicken
* lean ground turkey breast

Soup (bean-based, broths for cooking)

Pantry Staples

Baking Mixes/Needs:
* angel food cake
* spice cake
* reduced-calorie pancake and brownie mix
* light or fat-free, sugar-free pudding and gelatin mixes
* sugar and/or sugar substitutes

Beans and Lentils (canned and dried; kidney, pinto, black, chickpeas, etc.)

* light whole-wheat or whole-grain breads
* reduced-calorie hamburger and hot dog buns
* pre-made thin pizza crust
* reduced-fat crackers

Canned fish (tuna and salmon packed in water)

Canned Vegetables and Soups:
* pureed pumpkin for baking
* chopped chilies
* canned artichoke hearts
* fat-free broth
* reduced-fat tomato-based soups

Canned Fruit (packed in water or their own juice)

* high-fiber varieties
* dry oats and farina
* instant flavored oatmeal

Dried Fruit/Vegetables:
* cranberries
* raisins
* apricots
* sun-dried tomatoes
* dehydrated vegetable snack mixes


Oil, Vinegar, Cooking Spray and Other Bottled Sauces/Dressings
* teriyaki
* reduced-sodium soy
* reduced-calorie syrup
* olive-oil flavored cooking spray, etc.

Pasta, Rice and Other Dry Grains:
* whole-wheat pasta
* brown and wild rice
* bulgur
* couscous

Peanut Butter or Other Nut Butters/Nuts

Savory Snacks:
* light popcorn
* baked chips
* portion-controlled cracker packs

* dried herbs and spices
* prepackaged seasoning packets

Shelf-Stable Vegetables:
* whole onions
* heads of garlic
* potatoes

Sweet Snacks (reduced-fat and fat-free candy, cookies and chocolates)

Tomato Sauce and Paste:
* bottled and canned
* plain and seasoned

Popular Getting-Started Must-Haves

* Canned, fat-free refried beans (for burritos, quesadillas and vegetable dips)
* Flavored mustards (such as tarragon, dill and honey mustards for sandwiches, potato and poultry toppings)
* Flavored salsas/canned seasoned tomato products (for potato toppings, vegetable dips, poultry and fish, Mexican-based dishes)
* Frozen veggie burgers (black bean, Southwestern- and Indian-flavored and soy burgers)
* Grapes (wash and freeze for a frozen treat)
* Gum
* High-fiber crunchy cereal (to snack on or mix into yogurt)
* High-quality dark chocolate
* Highly flavored vinegars (high-quality balsamic vinegar and herb-infused vinegars)
* Highly flavored cheeses (Parmigiano Reggiano, crumbled feta, blue cheese)
* Highly flavored oils (toasted sesame, walnut, extra-virgin olive oil)
* Light crackers/cookies (look for pre-portioned snack packs)
* Light or fat-free whipped topping (for dessert toppings or as a dip/topping for fresh fruit)
* Light or nonfat sour cream and plain yogurt (for making dips and sauces; plain, fat-free Greek yogurt is nice and thick - perfect as a chili/stew topping and thicker creamy sauces)
* Low-fat microwave popcorn
* Mini packs of low-fat cottage cheese
* Pistachios in shells/tamari roasted almonds
* Whole-wheat pitas/tortillas/wraps (use for sandwiches or slice, season and toast for homemade chips)
* Soy chips/baked chips/flavored rice cakes
* Spaghetti Squash (bake and remove flesh with a fork as a pasta alternative)
* String cheese
* Sugar-free fat-free pudding and gelatin
* Sugar-free, fat-free fudge pops, ices and ice cream bars
* Sweet potatoes (for homemade oven-baked fries)
* Whole-wheat pasta and whole-wheat couscous
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