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I did it...

SW: 139.8
GW: 130
CW: 131.8

A HUGE victory happened for me last night! I didnt have to pay for my meeting! Im FINALLY back within my goal weight!

A little background for those of you who dont know how lifetime membership works...You set a goal weight. Once you reach that weight, you have to stay at it for 6 weeks. After that you become a lifetime member. You must attend a meeting once a month to get weighed and maintain your lifetime status. As long as you weigh in within 2 pounds of your goal weight, you dont have to pay for meetings. This helps keep you on track and I genuinely think it is an awesome motivator. Needless to say, it doesnt always work...

My background...I received lifetime membership the summer of '07, after losing 35 pounds. At my lowest, I was 125 pounds. I went to meetings once a month for a few months after I got lifetime, then I just got sick of it and stopped going.

By January of this year, I felt my pants getting tighter and decided to recommit. I weighed in at 139.8. This was 9.8 over my goal! So, I had to lose at least 7.8 pounds to get to 132 and be within two pounds of my goal weight.

Over the last three months, I dropped 8 pounds, and yesterday I weighed in at 131.8! Im so excited to be back within my goal weight. I seriously jumped up and screamed when I got weighed.

This was a HUGE milestone for me. Ive been struggling the last few weeks, and only lost 0.2 since the begining of this month. It was so frustrating...then yesterday...BAM! 2.4 pounds lost! It was like a miracle.

I just had to get on here and tell someone. Now, to keep it going and eventually get back to that 125 pound mark...

P.S. Sorry for all the explanation about lifetime status, but Im not sure how many people know exactly how that works. I didnt know anything about it until I came within 5 pounds of my goal, then my leader started explaining it to me.
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