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Im having body image issues...

I was wondering if this has happened to any other lifetime members that have gone above their goal weights...

When I started on WW about 2 years ago, I weighed around 160. I lost 35 pounds and got to my lowest, 125. My goal weight was 130, and even at that I felt GREAT about myself. Slowly I got lazy and started gaining.

At 139.8 lbs I recommited because I saw a pic of myself and couldnt believe how fat I looked. Since I recommited three weeks ago I have lost 6 pounds and am down to 133.8. But I still feel like a blimp. Like, everytime I look at myself I feel so fat.

I think this might be because after being 160 for so long, when I reached 130, I thought I was so skinny. Then after almost a year of maintaining 130ish, anything higher makes me feel so fat.

I guess maybe my body image has changed since I lost the 35 pounds. But right now, I realize that I am technically only 3.8 pounds over my goal weight and I feel gross still. I think I LOOK gross. How much difference does 3.8 pounds make? I wouldnt think it would make that much of a difference in the mirror...but I still cant help but feel big.

Any other lifetime members have this shift in body image? Im not sure if it's good for me (because at least I know I probably wont let myself get up to 160 again if 140 feels fat), or it's bad because anything higher than 125 automatically makes me think Im disgusting. Sorry if Im babbling or this doesnt make sense, but its something that has really been bothering me lately. So...how do I get over this?
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