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i just had to share this

so i don't post much here (or ever, probably) but i'm an avid reader and WW member.

i'm coming up on my one year weight watchers-versary and, unsurprisingly, have gotten used to (and bored with) the whole thing. i still track, go to meetings every week, and i'm still slowly losing weight, but it's lost the exciting ZING i initially felt. and because of life and priorities and winter (and also excuses!) i've exercised maybe once a week since before thanksgiving.

this week, i hit 41 lbs lost.  i also ate like total crap and was lazy as all get out. i did the Biggest Loser Power Scuplt and an abs video one day, but i really needed to get back into a routine. i used to work out 4-5 days a week!!!

so tonight, i went running. it took me an hour to actually get off the couch, and then i went and did couch 2 5k (fitting, huh). I was up to week 4 once upon a time, but went back to week 3 and it was HARD. but i did it and i felt great and so proud of myself.

then walking back from my apartment's gym, i decided to check the mail. there was a letter that did not look like a bill. i noticed my weight watchers leader's name as the return address...inside was a note congratulating me on my 41 lb loss and saying all kinds of nice things about me, including what an inspiration i was to other members in our meeting.

sitting on my porch step, all sweaty from running and reading that letter made me want to cry. i kind of want to cry right now writing this actually.

so i just needed to share this with you, oh fellow WW members. i'm doing it! WE'RE doing it! we're changing not only our lives, but the lives of people we love and just maybe the lives of people we don't even know!!!

ya'll are amazing!

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