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Weight Watchers

it's not a diet. it's a lifestyle.

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challenge ?
spam_and_eggs05 wrote in _weightwatchers
I have a question regarding the winter challenge. I may not go to my meeting tomorrow b/c I'm coming down w/ a cold and dunno if I'll feel up to it :/ I thought of weighing myself here at home, although, our scale is from like 1980 and I don't completely trust it! Dunno if there's a rule for this, but should I weigh at home anyway, can I skip this week, or what?

Thanks and happy Friday (well, what's left of it!)

*Edit* I meant to say, what are the challenge's rules for this? Like are we allowed to skip a week in the challenge if we don't weigh-in one week, or should I weigh in at home?

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I do WW online, but from what I remember of going to meetings and weigh-ins, I think they charge you for the week you miss. Unless they've changed it.

Gah, sorry I should've specified...I want to know what I should do about posting in the winter challenge! Like, should I weigh at home and post that or can I skip a week in the challenge? Thanks though!

Weigh in wherever and post or the data keeper will post last week's weight.

I don't go to WW meetings. I do my own thing at home. I don't need motivation or weigh-ins that are structured. I'm self motivated. I have to be self motivated or I won't lose.

Sorry, you were clear, I misread. My mistake!

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