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I am seriously frustrated.

I have been on program and gaining and I want to just give up and say screw it.

Before the holiday madness started I was down to 195 (started at 206.5 in early november so I was thrilled). AFter Xmas I was up to 200...then a few days ago back to 202. GAWD! I have been back on track. I hate that I am still 5 more than I was over a month ago.

I don't know why I'm posting even. I know I'm whining. :(

I am heading to a cabin up north this weekend (holy crap it's going to be cold) and we'll be hot tubbing (great...bathing suit fear!), and I can assume eating and drinking a lot. I am afraid I will give in and go nuts.

If you have any advice (STOP WHINING MELISSA hehe) I will gladly take it!
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