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Weight Watchers points or Weight Watchers core - that is the question!

I'm torn. Way torn. I love protein but I also need some carbs.

What is easier to do - core or points?

In college I knew people that did points but didn't count fruit, as they said "who gets fat on veggies and fruits?" so I figure that's cool, I can eat a lot of that.  - core and points = fruit friendly.

The problem with Core is I need more than 5 points a day sugar/carb wise. I like some bred or some cereal. I like my apple juice or a little mocha frap.... but aren't meats hard to guess point wise?

If I do small points with a mocha frap (3 points) my sandwich (around 4) or cereal (around 4) - that's great for the point system.... but how many points is chicken or fish, can you eat your fair share on points? Steak I heard takes loads of points!

I have to figure out what I am doing by the end of the day!
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