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Betsy Boop

my ww day, my food plan (so far) for tomorrow,and advice needed

I'm so proud of myself. I stayed on program all day, and I just did a 5 point work out that I almost didn't even do!

Oh, and seeing all of the communities food ideas really helped me out.

For tomorrow I have planned:

breakfast:egg, toast, margarine (4 points)
snack:small apple (1 point)
lunch:tuna w. light mayo (4 points)
yogurt(1 point)
two cheese (2 points)
celery and baby cucumber (0 points)
cherries (1 point)
granola bar (2 points)
snack:baby carrots with dip (1 point)
snack:one cheese (1 point), finishing whatever else I don't eat earlier

This is all I've planned so far, but I think it is a pretty healthy start. I never know what I'll be having for dinner until the evening, so I can't plan it now. I think that having the granola bar will help me to not feel deprived of a 'bar' type snack, which I love. I'm just looking at this meal, at how healthy it is, and I just know that after a week or two of eating like this I'm going to get SICK of it. But, it's the only way to be healthy. Does anyone have advice on how to not get tired of eating healthily, when all I want to do is eat pizza and bowls of white pasta all the time?

My other weakness is when other people have snacks around and offer them (also sometimes when friends have food that I want, and I know they'd give me a piece if I asked, I just can't not ask for some). Any advice, or coping tactics?
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