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Confused with Momentum

Now, I'm doing this online, and I'm trying to figure this out but..

With the new momentum program, do you stay with your Flex Points per day or is it a weekly point count like Core?

Do you count points for something with a diamond by it (on etools?)

For example: I have 28 points a day if doing straight Flex.

This is a cut/paste of my WW tool on facebook

1 fried egg 2
3 slices bacon 3
1 chicken noodle soup 4
2 granola bars 4
1 cup minute rice 3
grilled chicken 0 (w/ a diamond on etools)
lesuer peas 0 (w/ a diamond on etools)
cream of mush soup 2

Now, it's 7:46pm, and I have 10 points to eat?

Have I lost my mind or missed something somewhere?

I'm hoping I'm not screwing myself up by the way I've been doing this. I figure, this is my first week back on the wagon and at least I'm trying to make better choices instead of going nutty, but I would like to get it straight.

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