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Weight Watchers

it's not a diet. it's a lifestyle.

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It's Over!
Short Hair
sugarraybabe wrote in _weightwatchers


Our ten week Fall Challenge has come to an end.

Out of the 83 People who participated in this chaallenge 68 of us lost weight!

3 of us made our personal Challenge goals!

8 of us lost over 5% of our body weights during the challenge.

Considering the Holidays I think we should all be proud of ourselves.

Its a new Year and a new Begining if 2008 was not your year for weight loss!

Here are our final results.  The winner of our challenge with the biggest percentage weightloss was......

karinswwdiary   at 8.45% in 10 weeks!


Our top ten losers are

myframeisempty   - Made thier personal goal!
sharkskinny - Made thier Personal Goal!
sugarraybabe  - Made thier Personal Goal!

Congrats to all.

Here is the link the the spreadsheet one last time.


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Congrats to everyone who participated in the challenge!

You did a GREAT job running this - so thank you.

Congrats to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

agreed- you did an awesome job staying on top of this!

way to go everyone! can't wait for the next challenge!

aww fantastic! I know its cool having a challenge like this and I would be up for the next one :)

thanks for doing it and well done all.

Congrats to everyone who lost no matter the amount!

A big Congrats to the winners - not easy to avoid temptations during this time of the year!

Thank you Sugarraybabe for all the coordination!

Edited at 2009-01-02 10:06 pm (UTC)

I'm afraid I gave up on this one partway through. Are you going to be running a new one? I think it is time I recommitted.

congrats everyone on the accomplishments!

thanks a lot for running it and putting all your hard work into it for us!

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