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Purely amazing.

I don't know if any of you like egg nog, but I LOVE it and I always avoid it over the holidays because it is SO bad for you. My grandmother brought home a recipe for "fat free sugar free" egg nog and I just made it. It is REALLY good! I thought I'd share it in case any of you are interested!

"Sugar-Free, Fat-Free Egg Nog"
6 c. Skim Milk (Divided)
1 pk. Instant SF/FF Pudding Mix (Vanilla)
2 T. Vanilla Extract or Rum Extract (We used the rum!)
Sugar Substitute (I used Splenda) - 4 to 8 small packets (to taste)
1 C. Evaporated Skim Milk

- In a mixing bowl, prepare vanilla pudding according to package (2 C. milk, stir)
- Add rum extract and sugar substitute
- Pour into half gallon container and add evaporated milk, 4 more cups of milk
- Shake well, chill, enjoy!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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