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Weight Watchers

it's not a diet. it's a lifestyle.

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Week 9 Weigh In!!!!!
Short Hair
sugarraybabe wrote in _weightwatchers


It's Weigh IN day!!!!!!
You have
up to and including Monday to post your Weights

This Challenge will run from October 24 - December 26 th  It will give us 10 weeks and will technically run into the winter but then we can start the Winter 09 Challenge or something =).

Please Post  your Weight from your most recent weigh in. 

On or Before Thursday, I will post the updated spreadsheet! Then we will start all over again!

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Made my goal for the challenge.....!

well done, you are doing great.

Awesome, congratulations, way to go!!!

173! Can I do it? 4 pounds to go!!

1.5lb off :) considering I had a "bad" week I am happy with that!

157! im happy because i'm on day 6 binge free :) i was having issues for a few weeks there. glad to see the scale moving in the right direction


The Wendie Plan is working great!


Pretty much no way I'm going to hit my goal...I've been floating around 175-176 the entire challenge so I can't gripe too much. At least I'm maintaining!

143! Down 2, and I forget what I posted as my goal challenge weight, but considering I haven't had power for 8 days and was SUPER stressed, I am lad I lost at all!

Back to 162..

Sorry I've been MIA with the weigh ins... absolutely NO time to get on the internet the past month or so! Eep!

156 - weight loss is really slowing down the nearer to Christmas I get! :D

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