Simpleton J. Brandyknickers (ihaven0name) wrote in _weightwatchers,
Simpleton J. Brandyknickers

points value for Thai food

Hi, I'm going out for Thai food tomorrow, and I want to order green curry [rare ocurrance/ridiculous choice I know, but I'm going to 'save up' my points for most of the day until this happens] anyway I'm posting to ask if any one has any kind of accurate points value for a dish like this? Because I'm finding variations from 9 up to 22 and I would like something more accurate.

By 'thai green curry' I mean curry paste + coconut milk + rice + vegetables [no meat]

If anyone can help, that'd be swell!

P.S. I am new, my name is Jaime and since Oct. 28th I have lost approx 10 pounds by living by the law of POINTS. I'm so happy my pants fit again...more/better story later.
Tags: eating out
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