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Taco Bell

so today i slept in like crazy, had a super healthy breakfast and then went christmas shopping. i had to wait for a bus to get home and i was rAVENOUS so i gave in to my multi week craving for taco bell. since i knew i was going to be ok points wise i got exactly what i wanted: crunchwrap supreme. man is that thing awesome. unfortunately it made me feel rather ill. i shall now go back to not eating there for another year or two.

in any case, i looked up the nutritionals when i got home and was not particularly suprised at how bad it was (550 cal, 15 g fat, 4 g fibre) but i was more suprised that it wasn't the worst on the menu.

there is only ONE thing on the entire taco bell menu that has more fat and calories than a cheesy taco wrapped in another taco.

weighing in at 850 calories and 45 (!!!) grams of fat is the......


way to go salad.
i'm so glad i never ordered you.

and as a side note, that fresco menu isn't all that impressive either. there are things on there that are over 10 points.

if you want to check it all out, the info is here: http://www.tacobell.ca/english/downloads/nutrition-guide.pdf
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