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Dena Wena

"Whenever a woman asks me,'What's the best way to lose weight?' I answer, 'Get engaged'"

I read that in a bridal magazine. Why? Because I got engaged! He asked me Friday night, and we are both very excited. The only problem is that I haven't been eating very healthy or exercising since July!

I used to be pretty active here and I lost nearly 40 pounds with the support of LJ and weight watchers (unofficially). My start weight was 197, and I got down to 160 around May. I started to get really frustrated in July because I was trying so hard, and not losing anything. Then school started and it was the worst semester ever. I was dealing with a couple of deaths in my family, plus I had 15 hours, was working 20 hours a week, and had to do my capstone project. I rather quickly and easily fell back into comfort eating. I also started drinking soda again and stopped drinking as much water as I was used to.

I weighed in this morning at 170. I'm actually really happy with that. I think that only gaining 10 pounds is good considering I've been eating TERRIBLY for 4 months and not working out at all. I don't really have a set goal weight because I haven't been under 160 since I was 10 years old. I'm thinking around 130-140. I have 37 weeks until September (which is when we're thinking the wedding will be). So I can definitely hit at least 140 by then, hopefully closer to 130.

I already started today. I got back on spark people and planned my meals for the day. I'm going to start this week with 1500 calories/day and working out at least 30 minutes. My meals are planned and I still have 300 calories left for a snack or extra dressing if I want it! I got on Wii Fit this morning and did a lot of strength training and yoga. I've also already had more than half the water I need for the day (which is good because my lips and legs were starting to get really dry, from lack of adequate water). I feel really good about this! I can't wait to weigh in next week and see how much of the gain is water weight.

HW: 197
LW: 160
CW: 170
Height: 5'3
GW: 130-140
Tags: introduction
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