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Moussaka! This is a recipe I made before I was on WW.

What I did:
4 small eggplants, fried.
Meat Sauce:
4 cloves garlic
1 large onion
1/2 of a lemon in thin thin thin slices
saute in minimal oil for about 3 minutes
add raw meat (completely thawed) I used 1.5 lbs ground beef (93%).
add 1 stick of cinnamon. You now have a bottle of these in the spice rack.
Break up the meat, cook until no pink left.
Open a can of whole tomatoes (15 oz give or take). Hand crush these into the pan. Emphasis on crush in your hands. I don't know why.
put in about half a can of tomato paste. This is so hot and has to simmer so long from here that it doesn't matter if you thaw it first.
Reduce the liquid.

In the casserole, layer one even layer of eggplant. Layer in half the meat. Cover with parmesan and feta. I used a white coating of parmesan and about 2 T of feta. It could easily use more. Repeat. Layer one last layer of eggplant. one more layer of cheese. Bake 350 degrees about half an hour -- until all bubbly and the parmesan on top starts to go a bit golden.
Pull it out and let it sit at least 7 minutes before serving.

Serve with rice and tzatziki.

My tzatziki:

Take a medium mixing bowl, and squeeze the juice of the half of the lemon you didn't use above.
Strain yogurt.(I used lowfat -- not nonfat or whole and don't suggest trying to strain nonfat... it's a lot harder and you get less output.) Old cloth diapers work well, if you have them and not cheesecloth. Do not fall for the website idea of paper towels. That was a VERY bad idea. Coffee filters too. Cloth diaper all the way.
Strain it by hand over the sink for about 10 minutes. Twist the top and put in a colander for about half an hour (maybe while you're chopping all the things you need to cook in the moussaka!). Pull it out. It will now be MUCH thicker. Put a little bit of this (about a tablespoon) into a REALLY tall container to use the boat motor with (the cup that comes with it is a good start). Add 2 cloves minced garlic to this. grind until smooth (again this is just a tablespoon or two!!) [This is a stick blender, you could use a food processor or anything like it). THe rest of the strained yogurt goes in the bowl with the lemon juice. Now very slowly add little bit by little bit of the garlic mix to the main bowl with lemon. Taste it often and stop when it gets strong. It is QUITE easy to use too much.
Pepper it. Grate a cucumber on the fine ginger grater thing into it. keep tasting it and it's about consistency. If you add too much it will get too watery. I used 2/3 of an average cucumber and snacked the rest. I suggest grating directly into the bowl, and stopping when it's good enough -- having extra grated cucumber is not nearly as useful as having a chunk of cucumber left. I didn't remember dill, so it never got added, but still had the right taste, to me.

I have no recollection of how many servings I made this. I'm going to make it again Monday. I'm going to roast the eggplant (whole, then cut up) instead of frying it.

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