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blah,weight gain....

I feel so disappointed in myself. And flabby, too.
I hit my 10% in the beginning of November. But, between then and now I've gained back at least 7 pounds, 3 this week. 7?! Gross. I know what some of the problems are and I'm trying to fix them. But, I keep sabotaging myself. My biggest problem seems to be that I'm not taking my lunch to work and I'm making bad choices while I'm there. I work at a co-op and we have great food, but 5 days of 16oz soups and a huge roll and cookie can add up to something like 12 points a day and makes a huge dent in my wallet. I've made all sorts of excuses like I was sick and I just moved and I need to grocery shop. But seriously, why all of my excuses? I hate that people know what they are doing isn't what they want to be doing be we all still do it anyway.
I feel like I need motivation but I'm not sure what will motivate me? I'm really excited that I'll be able to buy new running shoes after then first of the year that actually fit my feet properly. I'm doing a 5k on Sunday and I'm hoping that will get me back into the swing of exercise and help me remember how awesome a brisk walk or jog feels. All of my physical activity lately has been due to moving and walking around stores. Oh, and I've used a Wii a few times in the past month at my folks house.
So far, I haven't been tempted or around any christmas cookies. I'm hoping I can avoid them, if I do I'll treat myself to something nice after the holiday as a reward. I really want not gain any more weight!!!! I had a Starbucks Cranberry Bliss bar for the first time in years and decided it wasn't worth the 8 points I thought it would be.

Any motivational ideas?
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