The Girl Within (sweet3mich) wrote in _weightwatchers,
The Girl Within

Re-Committing starting.....NOW!

Of course, that's after I just ate a huge gyro and plate of sloppy french fries, but a new beginning is a new beginning, right!?

Name: Erin

Age: 34

Height: 5'8"

SW: 207lbs

CW: Not sure, as I haven't weighed myself in a couple's probably about 210lbs now because I've been a really bad eater lately.

GW: 155lbs

I just started WW back in October and lost 5lbs the first week! And then I fell off the wagon. I started a new job with different hours and my boss was doing a lot of "let me buy you lunch" so I was having a hard time committing to keeping up with the points. I've gone to a few meetings, but not as many as I should be going to, mainly because my work schedule and the meeting schedules don't match up real well. So I am happy to have found a (free!) online support group.

One of the things that I have noticed about WW that I get a little worried about is the push to use fat free and low fat items. I do not use artificial sweeteners and I do not use the FF and LF items as I am not convinced that they are good for you. There is too much processing involved, in my opinion, to consider them a healthy alternative. Is there anyone else out there trying to follow the program using other healthy alternatives?

I am looking forward to meeting people!
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