Dark Angel (euph0ra) wrote in _weightwatchers,
Dark Angel

Thoughts on a new community?

So I am recommitting to plan starting now.

And I was thinking of ways to keep me honest. Let me start by saying that this community is fantastic! I love it and I intend to remain a part of it. But I was thinking "Wouldn't it be nice to have a community where I could log updates of my menu and it's points value every single day without annoying the TAR out of the other users because they do it too?"

So I was thinking of creating a sister community to this one. One where you could log everyday exactly what you've eaten and nobody would mind because that is what they are there to do as well. Others would be able to get meal ideas from other people's logs, the posts would help users stay honest and aware of what they are consuming, the posts would show others that they aren't alone when they want that treat and that you can come back from a high points day, weekend, week, whatever! Other users could give tips on meals. Let's say for example I use a hot dog bun that is two points but another user knows of one that is delicious and only one point with more fiber and they suggest it. Walla! Lower points and better food!

What do you all think?
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