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hi *waves*

Name: Kim

Age: 25

Height: 5'4

SW: 232

CW: 215

GW: 140ish

hi everyone. i started WW in october, kinda had a slip up at the end of november and gained a lb back but so far ive lost 17lbs since i started. im really excited, i have some of my old clothes hanging in my room on the wall as motivation. my husband thinks its rediculous but he is trying to do this with me. he doesnt really need it tho. i do not go to meetings and im not registered online. i do it all by myself. i went to the WW center and bought all the books and a point counter and i do it that way. it works for me because the center has weird hours and im always at work, and im not really interested in doing it online. i just keep track of everything i eat in a notebook.

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