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Weight Watchers

it's not a diet. it's a lifestyle.

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WI Week 7!
Short Hair
sugarraybabe wrote in _weightwatchers


It's Weigh IN day!!!!!!
You have
up to and including Monday to post your Weights

This Challenge will run from October 24 - December 26 th  It will give us 10 weeks and will technically run into the winter but then we can start the Winter 09 Challenge or something =).

Please Post  your Weight from your most recent weigh in. 

On or Before Thursday, I will post the updated spreadsheet! Then we will start all over again!


It's a slight gain, but i'll take it since I had a horrible week :)


surprised I didn't gain as I had a horrible week too haha

167, but I totally expected that gain so it's ok.

Oh no, somehow I didn't get this right... was last week's post late or something? I WI on Monday or Tuesday so 209 should be for this week's WI (which was Dec 1), 210.5 for last week... so I confused my weights here...

ok no problem last week i was late cause i wasnt in work on friday so i totally spaced about the posting. ill fix your stuff

lost 1.5 it is a loss so I will take that.

Is it too late to join? I just started doing WW seriously this week and I'd like to join! I have my weight from last Monday and I'll weigh in again this Monday.


Grrr...I now HATE the number 176! >:(