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Three questions. Help?

Hey all!

Happy Holiday season!

I've made up my mind to recommit to the plan. I've veered WAY off and I'm now of epic porportions. I'd rather work toward epic weight loss :D I'm doing it online because I simply cannot get to meetings due to the way my work life will be changing.

I remember that my weight watcher leader told me that we don't start adding new excercising until week three because the change of diet is a shock to the system and the excercise is also a shock. Doing both at the same time can cause your body to react in such a way that it thinks it is starving and will store more fat. Is this true or am I remembering it all screwey? Should I wait three weeks before adding new excercise plans? I am sort of active now. But I plan to add more walking for the purpose of weight loss and workout tapes to my routine. Thanks for your responses in advance.

Next question. I have this recipe for soup that I just adore. It's not a weight watcher recipe just a recipe I found somewhere on the web. I plugged it into the recipe builder and it is 4 points a serving based on six servings per recipe. It has one onion, one potato, and 6 to 7 stalks of celery in it. It is called celery soup. The worst thing in it is some butter. Everything else is pretty wholesome and fat free. Are the veggies enough to consider a serving of this soup to be a serving of veggies?

Last question. I dislike the texture of some vegetables but don't mind the taste. Would blending the vegetables into small pieces in the blender and adding them into a soup or maybe a topping for some whole wheat pasta or some brown rice be alright and still be considered a serving of vegetables if I blended what is considered to be a serving size of vegetables?

Thanks in advance!!!
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